London Friends of Ali Aarrass : « Please circulate this shocking video to as many people as possible.. »


AliDear Friends of Ali Aarrass,

There is a shocking video at youtube ( ) which I want you to watch, and to circulate to as many people as possible. Taken three years ago in Sale II prison, it shows all the scars and marks of torture on Ali’s body. Yet still the Moroccan authorities keep him incarcerated, and still the Belgian government fails to act to protect its national.

I’m also forwarding the AI Urgent Action for your information.

Diplomatic intervention by the Belgian government is, we believe, vital to ensure Ali’s safety and survival. We would urge you to write to Guy Trouveroy, Ambassador, the Embassy of Belgium in the UK, at 17 Grosvenor Crescent, London SW1X 7EE, email, asking his government to intervene with the Moroccan government to ensure that Ali’s treatment is fully consistent with international humanitarian standards. You may remember that the Belgian government was ordered to provide diplomatic assistance to Ali by the Brussels Court last year, an order which was upheld by the Court of Appeal, but the government is pursuing a further appeal.

However, although it has always refused to acknowledge any legal duty to intervene, the Belgian government did intervene in August 2013, when Ali was at risk of death from a prolonged hunger and thirst strike.

While Ali remains at the mercy of the Moroccan prison authorities, we must do all we can.


Frances Webber

London Friends of Ali Aarrass


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