Please write to H.E. Laila Joumala Alaoui, Moroccan ambassador in London

Demo London Dec 2011 Nico 2H.E. Laila Joumala Alaoui
Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in London
49 Queen’s Gate Gardens, London SW7 5NE
Your Excellency,
I am extremely concerned about Ali Aarrass, who has been in prison in Morocco since December 2010. He has consistently claimed to have been tortured during his initial incommunicado detention, resulting in a false confession used to convict him of involvement in terrorism. His claims have been upheld by a number of international bodies but he remains in prison. The law concerning appeals to the Cour de Cassation from detained persons appears to have been violated in his case, since he has waited for three years since lodging his appeal. Additionally, his rights to dignity and humane treatment have not been respected in Sale II prison. Further, requests for consular access by Belgium, the state of his other nationality, have been ignored. 
Please convey to your government my grave concern, and my request for M. Aarrass’ immediate release with compensation, as recommended over a year ago by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. 

Yours sincerely
An action from the Ali Aarrass London Support Committee

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